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National Availability and Specifications*

*all rates, net to station, are subject to change and are not guaranteed.  


Last update: 10/10/08

NEW YORK, NY: 50,000 watts AM Conservative News/Talk Talk-covers Tri-state and more- Sat. 5:am-5:pm. avails. Sun. 5:00am-11:am religious   and Sun 11:am-12:midnite avails $800/half hr. $1,400/hour.

NEW YORK, NY: 25,000 watts AM ProgressiveNews/Talk- Tri-state. Limited day part avails. M-F 9:00am-12:00pm, $2,200/hour, Sat.10:am-11:am avails. Sun.-religious/gospel am and health from 11am-5pm. $750/half hr. Also: vignettes.

NEW YORK/ NEW JERSEY: 20,000 watts, News/Talk. Covers most of northern NYC, Greater Hudson Valley,Rockland and Bergen Co. N.J. Weekday 12:noon- 6:pm  avails and weekends $300/half hr. $600/hr.

LONG ISLAND, NY: 250 watts strong signal-low on AM dial, Business Talk- covers L.I. and more. Weekday eves 7:pm- 9:pm and weekends $400/hr. Sat 6:am-1:pm, Sun pm $600/hr.

NEW YORK, NY:  50,000watts top-20 ranked News/Talk covers tri-state and more. Weekend only avails start at $2,000 per hour. Inquire

NEW YORK, NY NEW JERSEY:  Christian talk 10,000watts low on the dial covers tri-state. Weekday avails for religious only. Weekend avails for all others start at $750 per half hour.

LOS ANGELES, CA: 50,000 watts CBS/Infinity AM Talk affiliate, reaches all.Weekend pm avails start at $1,500/half hour. Also: 50,000 watts FM Talk-Sat. O'nites 3:am-5:am $1,500/half hr. Sat. am avails start at $1,500/half hr. Sat. pm $4,000/half. hr.

LOS ANGELES, CA: 50,000 watts AM Talk-reaches all. Limited pm weekday avails $850/half hr. Weekend avails start at $1,100/hour,  $600/half hr. Weekend day parts $1,600/hour. O'nites $275/half hr. Also: 10,000 watt FM limited avails- Inquire

LOS ANGELES, CA: 18,000 watts FM country. Limited Sun 3:am-6:am avails start at $265/half hr.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: 5,000 watts AM Business and Technology. Bloomberg, CNN. Limited weekday 10:am-2:pm avails for Financial only start at $950/hr. Weekend pm avails, Health OK, start at $600/hr. $400/half

SAN DIEGO, CA: 8,000 watts AM Talk- Home of Padres and Chargers. Weekend pm only avails. start at $600/hr. to $1,000/hr.

SACRAMENTO, CA: 50,000 watts AM Talk- N. Cal. & all surrounding areas to Canada. O'nite avails $ 255/half hr. Also: Weekends, when available. Also: 25,000 watts- O'nites $200/half hr.

SACRAMENTO, CA: 5,000 watts AM Adult Standards. Limited weekend avails 5:am-9:am start at $225/half hr.

MONTEREY, CA: 10,000 watts AM talk- Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura station.Weekend am/pm avails $350./half hr. Also: 1,000 watts AM Talk-$100/half hr.

MONTEREY, CA: 10,000 watts AM talk- Salinas/ Santa Cruz market. Limited weekday am M-F across the board only, Inquire. Weekend am/pm avails $200/hour. $150./half hr. Also: 1,000 watts AM Talk-Weekday across the board & weekend avails. $200/hour, $100/half.

FRESNO, CA: 10,000 watts daytimer AM, Religious Talk- Limited weekday avails 6:am-6:pm, Sat.and Sun. am/pm avails $100/half hr, $200/hour. Also: 1,000 watts day, 500 nite Variety Talk- weekday 6:am- 6:pm avails, Sat. and Sun. am avails $100/half hr, $200/hour.

SEATTLE, WA: 50,000 watts day/ 10,000 nite AM Standards-Sinatra, Bennett. Limited Sun. avails. start at $350/half hr.

SEATTLE, WA: 50,000 watts day/ 5,000watts nite, AM Christian Talk- 4 station cluster includes Conservative talk. Limited weekend avails. start at $415/half hr.

SEATTLE, WA: 50,000 watts AM Talk- unique avail Sat. am for right program. (no infomercials, please) $1,800/hour.Other limited avails- Inquire Also: 5,000 watts AM- Sun. am avails $800/half hr.

SEATTLE, WA: 5,000 watts AM Talk/ 'Imus'- covers West Seattle and more. Weekday  and weekend avails $325/hr. 

PORTLAND, OR: 50,000 watts AM covers all, Hot Talk, Weekend only avails (NO health Saturday) 6:am-10:am.

PORTLAND, OR: 5,000 watts day AM, The Business Station. Weekday for Finance only avails $365/hr. Weekend avails.

PORTLAND, OR: 50,000 watts AM, A/S Music. Weekend- am only avails.$400/half hr.

LAS VEGAS, NV: 1,000 watts AM, Talk- Weekday avails 6:am- 8:pm. Sat. am/pm and Sun. limited am and pm avails. $150/ half hr, $300/hour.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT: 1,000 watts AM, Music/Talk/Sports (Utah Jazz)- Limited weekday 8:am avails. Sat am avails. for Health OK $150/hour, $100/half hr.

PHOENIX, AZ: 50,000 watts, Talk- covers all. Weekday avails $375/hour, $200/half hr. Weekends. Purchase discount with Providence (simulcast) $450/hour, $ 300/half hr.

PHOENIX, AZ: 5,000 watts, Talk- covers all to Scottsdale. Limited weekend avails. start at $175/half hr. to $250.

CHEYENNE/ DENVER: 8,500 watts AM Talk- reaches north to Cheyenne; south to Denver. Rockies & Broncos. Weekend am/pm avails $200/hour, $125/half hr.

DENVER, CO: 50,000 watts AM, Talk- Weekend am/pm avails for live programming preferred. $350/half hr.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: 100,000 watts FM, Religious Talk- Limited Weekend am/pm avails $175/half hr.

DALLAS/ FT. WORTH: 100,000 watts FM, Talk- Weekday O'nite avails 1:am- 4:30:am, $100/half hr. Sat. pm avails start at $350/half hr, Sun. limited pm avails. $250/ half hr.

DALLAS, TX: 72,000 watts FM, Talk CBS/Infinity affiliate- Weekend avails 5:am-12:mid. Rates vary. Inquire.

HOUSTON, TX: 5,000 watts AM, ReligiousTalk. Limited weekend am/pm avails $375/half hr.

BISMARCH, ND: 50,000 watts daytimer AM Talk- Rush Limbaugh- Dr. Laura, covers all. Limited Sunday 6:am-8:am avails $140/half. hr.

WASHINGTON, DC: 50,000 watts FM, CBS/Infintity affiliate- All Talk- Home of the Redskins. Limited weekend avails. only- start at $1,500/half hour $3,000/hour.

WASHINGTON, DC: 5,000 watts AM BusinessTalk- Limited weekday pm avails, Sat. pm and Sun. am/pm avails.OK for Health. $320/half hr. $550/hour. Also: 5,000 watts AM A/S Music- Weekend am/pm avails. only.

WASHINGTON, DC: 1,000 watts AM News/Talk and Finance- Limited weekday avails and weekend am/pm avails. $100/half hr. $200/hour. Also: Health,Vignettes, Interviews.

BALTIMORE, MD: 10,000 watts AM News/Talk Limited weekend avails., when available, start at $550/hour. Inquire.

BALTIMORE, MD: 5,000 watts AM mix of Talk, Music, Religious and Gospel. Weekday and weekend avails $90/half hr.

ANNAPOLIS, MD: 10,000 watts daytimer- Business station. Dolan's, Bloomberg, CNN. Weekday avails. for finance only- $200/half hr. Weekend for health- $150/half hr.

DETROIT, MI: -50,000 watts FM, CBS/Infinity affiliate- All Talk- Limited weekend am/pm avails. start at $600/half hour.

CHICAGO, IL: -4,100 watts FM, CBS/Infinity affiliate- Personality Talk- Sun. pm avail.-$1,400/ full hour only. Min. 26 week commitment.

THE CHICAGO GROUP: Multi-station group has four (4) stations AM/FM with varying specifications in the Chicago Il area. Inquire.

MINNEAPOLIS/ ST. PAUL: -5,000 watts AM, Christian radio network All Talk. Limited weekend avails start at $150/half hr.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: 5,000 watts AM Talk-The Business Station. Weekday avails for Finance only. Weekend Health OK $200/half hr.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: 50,000 watts AM Multicultural Talk- reaches all, day part avails for English only $150/half hr. Foreign Lang- Inquire.

PITTSBURGH, PA: Twin 50,000 watt FM Oldies stations. Weekend am only avails 6:am-8:am $600/half hr for both. Also: 50,000kw Contempo Hits (Britney, Janet). $400/half hr. Sun am only.

PITTSBURGH, PA: 1,000 watts AM Religious. Weekday and weekend avails $125/half hr. Going 5,000 watts on or about 4/1/01.

BOSTON, MA: Three station cluster includes 40,000watts AM Talk, 10,000watts AM, M/C Talk and 250watts low on dial Talk.Weekday and weekend avails. Rates and specs vary. Inquire.

PROVIDENCE, RI: 50,000 watts, Talk- covers eastern New England. Weekday avails. $300/hour, $200/half hr. Weekends. Purchase discount with Phoenix (simulcast) $450/hour, $ 300/half hr.

CLEVELAND, OH: 5,000 watts AM Business Talk. Bloomberg, CNN. Weekday avails for Financial only. Weekday 8:pm-11:pm avails and weekend am/pm OK for Health start at $125/half hr. to $425/half hr.

ST. LOUIS, MO: 6,000 watts FM; 1,000 watts AM simulcast Sports Radio. Limited Sun. avails 6:am-8:am with occasional sports preemptions Weekdays 10:pm- 2:am $300/half hr.

LOUISVILLE, KY: 5,000 watts day; 1,000 watts nite, All Talk- Weekday avails 6:pm- 9:pm $225/hour. Sat. 7:am- 10:am avails $300/hour. Sun. 9:am- 12:noon- Health $250/hour. Half hours? Inquire.

WYTHEVILLE, VA: 6,000 watts FM Oldies Music/Talk- Sat. avails 8:am-9:am. Also: 2,500 watts AM Country Music- Sat. avails 8:am-9:am $250/ half hr. Try both, $475/hour. Possible weekday pm avails. for right show. Inquire.

JACKSON, TN: 25,000 watts FM Religious. Weekend am/pm avails $105/half hr.

ATLANTA, GA: 50,000 watts AM Talk- reaches all.'Information and Inspiration' radio. Limited weekday and weekend avails $150/half hr.

ATLANTA, GA: 5,000 watts AM Talk- Religious.Limited avails for recorded programs only. Weekends $150/half hr.

NEW ORLEANS, LA: 5,000 watts AM All Sports "The Game", ESPN. Avails. for Sports programming only weekday eves and Sun. pm. $700/hour.

JACKSONVILLE, FL: 50,000 watts AM Solid Gospel- reaches all. Limited Sat. am Health block avails start at $139/half hr. Sat. pm open. Sun. Ministries OK. Weekday avails 11:am, 1:pm.

ORLANDO, FL: 50,000 watts AM Talk- reaches all, limited weekend avails, all Health- 8:am- 12:noon. $400/half hr.

CENTRAL/SOUTH FLORIDA: Four station cluster covers Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale. Health & Finance- Weekday avails start at$225/half hr. $350/hour. Sat.-$225/half hr., Sun.-$210/half hr. Buy per station only.

SOUTH FLORIDA: 50,000 watts AM, Talk- reach W.Palm south to Miami. Health- Weekday avails. $400/half hr, $750/hour. Weekends am/pm. Also: All Finance station-$400/half hr, $700/hour.

MIAMI/ SOUTH FLORIDA: 25,000 watts AM, Sponsored Talk- reach Miami and north to W. Palm. Weekday and weekend avails start at $600/hour

TAMPA/ ST. PETERSBURG, FL: 1,000 watts AM Talk. Limited weekday 3:pm and weekend 5:am-12:noon avails. Buy one at $150/half hr. and get one free.

HAWAII: 1,000 watts AM Talk- covers all. Limited weekday 3:pm and weekend 5:am-12:noon avails. Buy one at $150/half hr. and get one free.

We welcome our new affiliates in Portland OR, Pittsburgh PA, Chicago IL, Washington DC, Seattle WA, Denver CO and Houston TX.


Mide Consulting, Inc. is not an AGENCY and we do not commission our sales to you. We look to secure the absolute best deals available to meet your specific criteria. You make your NET payments directly to the radio stations per the information we provide. Each station affiliate has been contracted and commissioned to pay RadioInfomercial.com a consulting fee for our services thus, YOU NEVER PAY US A DIME!. GUARANTEED!          

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